On this page you will find several educational videos that can help you navigate all the Do's and Don'ts of Fixed Index Annuities.  To learn more and to see these videos click the Yellow bar below the picture


"Get the Basics on Index Annuities"

"Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit"

"Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Fixed Index Annuity"

"How to Tell FIA Facts from FIA Fiction"

The Index Annuity Leadership Council (IALC).  Established in 2011, the Index Annuity Leadership Council (IALC) is a consortium of life insurance companies that offer index annuities (FIAs).  The IALC's mission is to help educate the public, including retirement savers, the media, regulators, and financial professionals about thebenefits of FIAs.   These products offer principal protection from market loss, a predictable guaranteed retirement income, and can contribute balance to retirement savers' long-term financial plans.


Guaranteed Income For My Life is not in anyway affiliated or endorsed by the IALC.  Guaranteed Income For My Life is an independent annuity company.  Do not make an specific annuity purchase without reading and learning more about that products' features, benefits, guarantees, expenses and charges.

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