At Our Firm

Our firm provides financial service solutions that cover 100's of options worldwide, we provide comprehensive retirement services that can expose your savings to literally every asset class available, and we provide  future income streams and future death benefits.  


We are trained licensed professionals with over 30 years of experience to draw upon when creating the perfect financial solution.  The goal of our firm is to present empowering advice and industry leading solutions for all our clients.

Our Downtown Chicago office location at 401 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1200.  Conveniently located at the intersection of Michigan Ave and the Chicago River!

Michael S. Bauer is our Senior Retirement Specialist.  Michael has over 33 years experience and has been involved with more than 1000 different client situations.  He has held almost every form of investment and insurance license over his career.

Phone:  1(844) 665 - 9877  

Fax:        1(844) 665 - 6777

We believe we have a moral responsibility to assist our clients in creating guaranteed income streams for their retirement, while guaranteeing their life savings from any potential market fluctuations.